Urban Kayaks set to Open May 1st, 2014

After traveling for 3 months/ 5 days/ 23hrs across Asia, the Urban Kayaks team is ready to begin its 4th season on the Chicago River. We are very excited to announce a few new products this year. For the first time we are offering a 1 hour Intro Paddle out of our downtown location. This product will be targeted towards beginners who are new to the sport and eager to take up paddling on the river. Another product which we are very excited about is our Chinatown Fireworks Paddle. With our two convenient locations on the Chicago River, we have the unique opportunity to offer a one way fireworks paddle departing from our Chinatown location and ending at our Downtown location. If nothing else, come out to the riverwalk and play fetch with our two beautiful pups, Joni and Larry. Hope to see you on the water!
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