Monroe Harbor Rental

Kayak Rental

For those who are experienced paddlers looking to go it alone, this is a great option on the lakefront. Equipment offered at Monroe Harbor includes: 

    1. Paddleboards
    2. Single Kayaks: Touring & Sit-on-Tops
    3. Tandem Kayaks: Touring & Sit-on-Tops


  • $30 per hour per person. One hour minimum. Prorated after the first hour. $7.50 per 15 minutes per person. 
  • Closed for the 2018 Season

Important Rental Information

  1. Must be 18 to rent a kayak alone.
  2. Valid drivers license required in order to rent a kayak.
  3. Prior kayaking experience required at this location. Be prepared for a skills assessment.
  4. All kayaks are offered on a first come/ first served basis.
  5. We do not accept reservations or take advanced payment for kayak rentals.
  6. Rental hours may be interrupted due to high traffic.