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Interested in being a member of the Urban Kayaks team? We are always looking for great people to be a part of our team. All available positions and information on applying is below.


Please download Urban Kayaks Job Application using the link below. Make sure to actaully download the PDF file rather than filling out the application imbedded into our site. After completing and saving the PDF application, please submit the completed application using the form to the right.


SUP Instructor Please tell us a little bit about your experience paddle boarding.

SUP Yoga Instructor Please tell us a little bit about your experience with SUP Yoga

Point of Sales Position The Front Desk Staff are the first to greet out customers when they arrive at Urban Kayaks to start the process of either signing up for a kayak tour or renting a kayak, and they are the last to see the customers off the water as they check out. First impressions are everything! Front Desk Staff are responsible for making the registration and pre-kayaking magic happen along with selling merchandise and concessions.

Office Administrator The Office Admin is responsible for the behind the scenes work that allows kayak tours and rentals to run smoothly. The Office Admin is the staff member that answers logistical questions about bookings, tours, and events. Promotions and management of Urban Kayaks’ social media accounts and advertisements gives the staff member the freedom to creatively get Urban Kayaks’ name out there.

Kayak Tour Assistant / Water Staff The Kayak Tour Assistant’s main job revolves around kayak instruction on one hour Intro Paddles and instruction as needed when assisting the Kayak Tour Guide on tours. The Kayak Tour Assistant is a jack of all trades staff member who is responsible for the organization of equipment, the boathouse, dock, pre tour and pre Into Paddle setup, and rentals at the dock. The Kayak Tour Assistant also acts as a lifeguard on tours keeping kayakers close to the river wall and assisting the Kayak Tour Guide in communication with other commercial users.

Kayak Tour Guide The Kayak Tour Guide is the star of the show providing customers with facts and stories about Chicago’s architecture, river, historical figures, and how the city came to be over the course of a two hour paddle down the Chicago River. The Kayak Tour Guide works in conjunction with the Kayak Tour Assistants to provide a safe and instructional experience down the bustling Chicago River. Not only is the Kayak Tour Guide responsible for learning the tour script and giving tours, but they are also responsible for group travel and communication with other commercial users on the river.

Promotional Team member The Promotional Team Member is responsible for the social media accounts, advertisements, and partnership collaborations with other Chicago recreation, tourism, or attraction agencies. This position requires the team member to be artistic, creative, and strategic in their promotions.