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Pre-Paid Reservations/Gift Certificate Bookings

Urban Kayaks has a 24-hour cancellation policy for all pre-paid reservations. If you cancel inside 24 hours of your booking date and time your money is not refundable. You are, however, allowed to make a new reservation at no additional cost. This is designed to account for emergency or otherwise unavoidable circumstances. If you miss or cancel your second reservation inside of 48 hours you will forfeit your purchase.

Coupon/Discount Voucher Bookings

The terms of use for vouchers are agreed upon when the coupon or voucher is purchased through a third party and is clearly listed on the voucher in fine print. The same 24-hour cancellation policy applies to bookings made using your voucher with a few important distinctions. If you cancel inside the 24-hour window your money cannot be refunded. Your voucher also loses its promotional value but retains its paid value. You can rebook your tour but will be responsible for paying the remaining balance due upon arrival. If you reschedule and fail to notify us of a desire to change your date inside 48 hours you will forfeit your vouchers paid value. If your tour is cancelled due to poor weather, we will honor the promotional value of the coupon for the remainder of the season. The promotional value does not carry on to the next season. We will however honor the paid value.

Additional non-refundable items

  • Gift Certificates / Gifted coupons
  • Retail items
  • Clothing / apparel
  • Consumables (water, snacks)
  • Day of tour/rental purchases

There are certain situations where only partial refunds are granted: (If applicable)

  • Rental customers who spend under 5 minutes on the water.
  • Tour or rental customers who are removed from the water for safety concerns.
  • Tour customers who capsize and cannot remain with the tour group.
  • Retail items that are defective or broken or were shipped within the last 30 days.

Our goal at Urban Kayaks is to ensure everyone who joins us on the water has a safe and fun experience. We also want to make sure that customers get what they pay for. If you feel as though the circumstances specific to your refund request are not covered by this policy list, please contact us via email at [email protected] or visit a manager on location to have your issue resolved.