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Urban Kayaks goes with flow on late-season start for Chicago River tours

Entrepreneurs hope starting Chicago Riverwalk venture now will lay foundation for next year. By Wangui Maina, Tribune reporter The young entrepreneurs know it might seem foolish to start their seasonal business along the Chicago River with Labor Day a week away. And they know their spot on the Chicago Riverwalk isn’t exactly a prime one….

Weekend Warriors: Paddling the Chicago River with Urban Kayaks

Paddling the Chicago River with Urban Kayaks By Nicole Weddington I had always associated kayaking with white­water rapids and nature, but when I looked out the window of the bus one day and saw kayakers paddling down the Chicago River, I knew it could be more leisurely than that, and I had to knock it…

Cruise the Chicago River with Urban Kayaks

Kayaking might conjure up white water images and gentle waves on winding lakes but there is a growing urban kayak scene and Chicago plays a significant role in it. Of course, you can kayak on Lake Michigan but that’s so typical. The truly adventurous take to the historic Chicago River, which once flowed into Lake…